Race Tracker

Version 1.1

Are you frustrated trying to figure out how much money you have won or lost during a day at the races? Are you tired of trying to record Bet amounts and Win amounts on your racing form or program? Do you end up counting your money several times to see if you are winning or losing, and by how much?

Race Tracker is your new mobile solution!

Race Tracker is the amazing BET TRACKING application for the iPhone/iPod Touch, introduced to horse racing fans in the Daily Racing Form, during Breeders' Cup weekend!

Race Tracker is much more than a “dog and pony show”. Utilize Race Tracker to record every bet you make at any race track, for horse racing, including Thoroughbred racing, Standardbred/Harness horse racing, Quarter Horse racing or Dog racing (e.g. Greyhound racing).

You can be at a race track and bet live races and/or races offered via simulcast at other race tracks. You can be at an off-track betting location. You can be betting on-line via the internet. Regardless, you can record every one of your bets easily and quickly. Keep a record of your bets for as long as you want. Purge bet data no longer required.

Key Features include:

  • Fast bet entry, by currency, with optional comment
  • Bets grouped and sorted for quick retrieval
  • Add reminders to future bets
  • Winning, losing, break-even and incomplete bets flagged
  • Password protection
  • View statistics and export via E-Mail

View all of your bets in a single beautiful screen display with filtering by track, currency and date range, if required.

View all of the race tracks you have added with a default bet currency and # of races per card, in 3 different sequences: alpha, number of bets and custom.

Collapsible view of all of your bets with:
a) filters by race track, currency, date range
b) collapsible totals by track and currency
c) quick export via Email.

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If you want to contact us, with either i) a question about our app, ii) an enhancement you would like to have added or iii) to report a bug, please click on the email link below, making sure to fill in the subject field appropriately.